#HealthBytes: Cod liver oil is packed with benefits. Find out


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11.06.2021, 12:30 p.m.

Cod liver oil supplements are rich in nutrients and have several health benefits

Cod liver oil is often confused with fish oil. However, they are not the same.

While fish oil is extracted from the tissues of fish, cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of cod such as Atlantic cod and Pacific cod.

But like fish oil, cod liver oil is rich in nutrients and is consumed as a dietary supplement. Let’s look at its advantages.

Contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce chronic inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection and wounds.

However, this response can be low-level for long periods of time and lead to chronic inflammation that can cause serious illness.

Cod liver oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce chronic inflammation by suppressing the proteins that promote it.

It also contains vitamins A and D, which help prevent further inflammation.

Contains vitamin D and can improve bone health

Contains vitamin D and can improve bone health

As we get older, we lose bone mass and this increases the likelihood of fractures and diseases like osteoporosis later in life.

To avoid this, it is important to have a healthy diet of vitamin D and calcium.

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin D, and studies suggest that taking its supplements with a diet high in calcium strengthens brittle bones and reduces bone loss.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and is associated with an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

Studies show that people who eat fish regularly are at lower risk of heart disease because of the omega-3 fatty acid content.

Regular consumption of fish oil supplements like cod liver oil is also known to lower triglycerides and lower blood pressure.

Can prevent and heal stomach and intestinal ulcers

Ulcers are sores that develop in the lining of the stomach or intestines and are often caused by bacterial infection, smoking, or too much acid in the stomach.

Animal studies suggest that cod liver oil can effectively treat stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Cod liver oil has also been observed to suppress the genes that cause inflammation in the stomach and intestines.


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