Omega-3 fatty acid expert Bill Harris, PhD


“I found out, a friend of mine who is a biostatistician came across it somewhere and sent me a text congratulating me. And I thought what is it about? So I looked it up, ”explained Harris, who was among 160,000 other scientists – dead and alive.

Harris founded OmegaQuant in 2009 and 2020, the Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI), a nonprofit research and education foundation focused on publishing high quality research studies on the diverse relationships between fatty acid levels and health outcomes.

A new study, led by Harris, was published in Nature Communications this week, which found that people with higher levels of omega-3 EPA and DHA blood levels (i.e., the omega-3 index) lived longer than people with lower levels .

In 2004, Harris co-invented the Omega-3 Index, which he and many others used in hundreds of other researches. One day, Harris hopes the omega-3 test will find its way into routine medicine.

“This is a major challenge in standardizing an omega-3 status test that can be used routinely in medicine. So if there is one thing that is my big goal, it is that. “

When asked what he’s most proud of, Harris pointed out the omega-3 story.

“I was pretty consistent. Probably more than most scientists, ”said Harris. “With very few distractions, it was the omega-3 story. If you want to choose a topic to study, you have to hope that it continues to bear fruit because I could have hit a dead end. You know, I got interested in ‘nutrient x’ that no one ever cared about, but it turned out that omega-3 was a great horse to get up early on and the ride was fun. “

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