Dry hair? Try These Omega 3 Food Sources For Beauty Boost


There are many hair products on the market that claim to repair dry hair. But there is another approach that you can use to make your hair shiny. You can switch your diet to include foods that make your hair healthier.

Hair nutrition
Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential fatty acid. Foods that contain omega-3s can keep your hair looking healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids not only help your hair, but also your nails and skin.

The first thing they do is help open the hair follicle. If you have dry hair, you are likely to lose something if it breaks. When the follicle is healthy, you will lose less hair. Omega-3 fatty acids also moisturize your scalp.

Omega-3 fatty acids also prevent inflammation in the hair follicle itself and provide the protein hair needs to grow. Improved blood flow to the scalp can promote hair growth.

However, there is no clear evidence that direct use of fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, improves hair health. There is a long list of health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in addition to good looking hair. They can help with depression, improve eyesight, and reduce asthma and anxiety.

Good sources of omega-3 fatty acids
How do you get omega-3s in your diet? And does your body produce them naturally?

Ready for some science? There are different types of omega-3 fatty acids. EPA, ALA and DHA. Your body can’t make ALA at all, but it can convert ALA to EPA and then EPA to DHA. Enough facts and acronyms – the point is, you need to get omega-3s from food sources or supplements.

Fish oil is the most popular omega-3 fatty acid supplement you’ve probably heard of, but krill oil is also growing in popularity. Krill oil, while easier to absorb, costs a lot more than fish oil.
For vegetarians there is also algae oil, a source of algae.

Fatty fish is one of the best sources. Mackerel and salmon are also common choices. Most mackerel are very sustainable fish, so it is a good choice for you and the environment.

For vegetarians, try flaxseed and flaxseed oil. Rapeseed oil is also very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Almonds and walnuts are good vegetarian options, and many foods are also fortified with omega-3 fatty acids, such as yogurt and soy drinks.

Omega-3 fatty acids appear to show promise in helping with dry hair and have many other health benefits.


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