Hofseth BioCare is jointly developing sustained-release fish oil capsules


The partnership will use Catalent’s OptiGel DR Softgel technology, which blends pectin with gelatin to create a release profile in a one-step manufacturing process without the need for an additional coating.

When encapsulating OmeGo with this technology, the plan is to manufacture a product that protects the active ingredients that can be broken down by stomach acid.

The delayed release ensures that the active ingredient goes straight to the intestines, where it is absorbed, potentially improving bioavailability.

“Our research into the health benefits of our unique oil has come a long way in the past 18 months. We look forward to working with Catalent and hope to further expand the partnership and leverage the innovative oral technologies to ensure the effectiveness of the delivery system, ”says Dr. Bomi Framroze, HBC’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“OptiGel DR will enhance the OmeGo franchise, bring in advanced delivery technologies and raise its profile among the world’s leading healthcare companies.”

OmeGo and COVID-19.

The Ålesund-based company is currently conducting studies to assess the potential role of OmeGo in reducing inflammation, particularly that caused by COVID-19. The results are expected in the coming months.

Efforts to study the link between the effects of fish oil on inflammation are in the early stages with a pilot to studyThis suggests that people with the most omega-3 fatty acids in their system are 75% less likely to die from the disease.

A group of nutrition experts from China suggested that omega-3 intake could be reduced Death ratesIn severe COVID-19 patients, while protein could suppress catabolism and polyphenols could be used to fight inflammation.

HBC’s intention to delay the release of its salmon oil in the body will invariably use gelatin capsules, which have been shown to be suitable for this function, as gelatin is readily soluble in acidic media and therefore unstable in gastric fluids.

In addition to Catalent, other companies in the field include Capsugel and its DRcaps, a vegetarian alternative that is also designed to reduce manufacturing costs and complexity by avoiding the need to add chemicals, solvents, or other coated protectants.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity to combine the properties of a high quality ingredient with our new OptiGel DR capsule technology to create a product that offers consumers optimal benefits and experiences,” added Dr. Aris Gennadios, President of Softgel and Oral Technologies, added, Catalan.

“Our rich history and innovation in softgel technology has enabled us to develop a dosage form that delivers ingredients and formulations with an enteric release profile in robust capsules and with product performance that meets consumer expectations.”

CosmoPod Duo capsules.

Catalent also has a foothold in the nutricosmetics industry, having recently launched its CosmoPod Duo softgel capsule technology for the delivery of topical skin treatments in February this year.

The separate compartments of the CosmoPod Duo capsule hold two formulations in a single twist-off capsule, allowing treatments that combine incompatible ingredients to be used at the same time.

The capsule is made from natural carrageenan obtained from algae. It is also suitable for ingredients that have a shorter shelf life in combination with two complementary hero ingredients.

The twist-off feature enables precise application and provides benefits for a range of consumer health products, including topical formulas for skin, hair and personal care.


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