Supplement is said to offer anti-aging and sun protection benefits


Inner Glow Vitamins has launched what is known as a multi-tasked anti-aging supplement that has been specially formulated to take advantage of the benefits of a natural, internal sunscreen. The dietary supplements contain a mixture of effective ingredients that close the gap between allopathic and naturopathic approaches to skin protection.

Inner Glow was developed by board-certified, award-winning dermatologist Dr. Noreen Galaria developed and tested in collaboration with a renowned educator for plastic surgeons

Inner Glow is available in two specially formulated formulas: Age Defense and Hair / Skin / Nails. The formulation includes turmeric, green tea, fish oil, ginger, grape seed extract, and blueberries as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, as well as polypodium and pycnogenol.

“Inner Glow is the result of our search for high quality products to track our patients’ various skin treatments,” said Dr. Galaria. “Rather than giving them a list of the natural supplements to look for, we created a proprietary blend that has it all. Every element we use in Inner Glow is scientifically tested and proven effective, and none any other single product on the market can match the results of our nutritional supplements. Each ingredient has a long history in the industry, but we have enhanced its natural benefits by adding other elements like Polypodium for internal sun protection. And up to 72% of our patients who have favourited Inner Glow has also reported significant increases in their energy levels due to the purity of our antioxidants. “

There have been other brands touting sunscreen through an ingestible product, but the FDA hasn’t always approved it.


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